28 October 2007


I wasn't planning to post until I got back from Lyon and Avignon, but I invented something today, and am so proud of my ingeniousness that I figured I'd share it with the world. This is particularly useful for other exchange students, college students, and other people who, like me, don't have an iron.
My brown pants were seriously wrinkled and creased, but I plan to wear them tomorrow. What to do? I don't have an iron. Then it came to me.
I put a layer of paper towels down on the fireplace (really any heat-resistant surface will do), then put my pants there, weighted with the creases pulled flat. Another layer of paper towels on top for cleanliness, then I put on top my biggest pot, full of boiling water. Weight plus heat. I washed the dishes while letting it sit there, and voilà! Wrinkles gone. I'm very proud of my homemade iron.
Off to Lyon in nine hours!


Jakob said...

That's a good idea. I actually run into this problem more than I care to admit. Unfortunately I don't have a fireplace...

Anonymous said...

Ingenious! Another method, for shorter items: put magazines on top and bottom after LIGHTLY springling items with a little water, then place magazine sandwich under your matress. Always worked for me!