12 April 2008

Stuff 'n Things

[Technically, I suppose, that "'n" should be written "'n'" but it would look funny. Not quite as funny as "'n,'" (but perhaps I should have put the comma thusly: "'n',") however.]

So stuff has happened lately. And things, too.
- I made homemade Samoas (those Girl Scout cookies that are covered in caramel and coconut and chocolate... delicious).
- I registered for classes for the Fall semester, and I'm really excited about my schedule. It's going to be a lot of fun.
- I went to a movie (Bienvenue chez les ch'tis) and it was hilarious. My new favorite French movie. I like it when non-American countries make feel good movies with happy endings. And it cracks me up when they then say, "What eez thees! Zee movie 'as airned millions of 'uros! Ay vonder how zis eez possibul..." Duh, you made a movie people could enjoy as well as respect.
- I think I might have dislocated one of my toes... it's happened before: it seems to move badly in the socket until I tug it around a bit, and then it ends up sore and bruised for a couple of days. No idea how, but this is about the third time that it's happened. It's the fourth toe on my right foot, so it's not one of the really important toes either... mystery.
- Natalie (who's from Scotland) bought my bike (since I never ride it and hers got stolen) and we spent a while chatting and it was great fun.
- I marinated a chicken leg in soy sauce and spices, and cooked it, and filled my kitchen with smoke, but it was delicious.
- I went shopping all over downtown looking for a present for Lori, and I found one.
- I bought sunscreen, which was very expensive but came with a free cheapo backpack. It cost about $18 for a small bottle. I'll figure out something to do with the backpack.
- I packed my suitcase.

So why, you may wonder, did I need a present for Lori, sunscreen, and a packed suitcase? Because tonight I'm leaving for Geneva, and Monday I'm flying from the Geneva airport to Cairo to see Lori!!! Today's post was written indoors, with rain and wind and clouds outside. The next one... sun and sand and Egyptians. I'm so excited!


Lori said...

We're gonna have *such* a good time!

Tahia Misr!

(um, that's like vive la France, but with Egypt ^^)

Jakob said...

Very exciting. Have a great time in Egypt!! I will be expecting photos!