08 November 2007

Busy Day before a Busy Weekend!

Today it felt like I never had a moment to rest. Here's a quick summary. Somehow everything from my to-do list ended up needing to be done today.
Got up at nine, ate, showered, got to the laundromat at ten, finished laundry at noon, came home and found note that I'd missed the postman with a package for me, went to the post office, they gave me a number to call, came home and called, they called back, got directions to the particular post office from Google Maps, managed to eat lunch in eight minutes, went to Linguistics, power-walked downtown to catch a bus to the post office, picked up my box, went home, opened the box (goodies from home like warm clothes, tea, the Leopard installation disk for our family pack, a C.S. Lewis book in English, and chocolate covered ginger!), paid my rent and talked to my landlord, rushed back to the university for Dutch (which was calm, and fun because we're making whole sentences and negating things), sprinted two blocks when I saw the bus coming and barely caught it, avoiding the three kilometer walk home if I'd missed it, got back home, washed my dishes, took out the trash, and put away my laundry before finally eating dinner, then I packed a backpack for the weekend, which I will be spending in... Italy! Tomorrow I'm flying from Nantes to Milan, where I'll be visiting Stefan. When I get back I'll post lots of photos! Traveling is always eventful, but somehow I have a feeling that this weekend will feel relaxing compared to today.

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Jakob said...

Yes, being busy is not fun while it is happening. However, after a really busy week, I feel accomplished afterwards, so that makes it worthwhile... usually.

Oh, and I am very jealous. Your weekend trips put mine to shame. Italy versus Montreal... yes. You definitely win.