22 November 2007

Le jour d’action de grâce (The Day of the Act of Grace)

Happy Thanksgiving!
I've already celebrated, as a matter of fact. Yesterday, Becky, Mandy and Kate came over to my place for a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, as traditional as we could make it. Our menu was:
- “turkey” (a rotisserie chicken named Charlie, from the grocery store)
- stuffing and gravy, courtesy of Becky’s mom
- a can of cranberries and cornbread, courtesy of Mandy’s mom
- mashed potatoes (the French instant kind) and a Beaujolais Nouveau, which Kate brought
- zucchini with tomatoes, because I’m not a fan of carbs
- juice for those of us (i.e. me) who don’t like wine
- apple pastries for dessert, as a substitute for pie

It smelled and tasted and felt like Thanksgiving. I even imposed my family’s tradition, by making everyone say five things they were thankful for. My list is:
1 and 2) For my friends and family
3) That I’m in good choirs
4) That people speak French here (and therefore that I get to speak French)
5) For good herbal tea

Here’s a picture my self-timer took of us. Kate is the one in pink, Mandy is the blonde one, Becky is the one mostly hidden behind me.

Yesterday I also got to experience first hand the French equivalent of the Secretary of State place, where people go for IDs and Driver’s Licenses and other official things. I suppose I picked the right time (11:30 on a Wednesday morning) because I only had to wait for about ten minutes. I was there to buy a 55 Euro official fiscal stamp for my residency card application, but I’ll tell the whole story of that adventure/fiasco on Friday. (Suspense building?)

And here's the Onion's heartwarming report on American Thanksgiving traditions (sorry about the mandatory commercial):

Americans Enjoying Thanksgiving Tradition Of Sitting Around At Airport

Have a great holiday!

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