24 June 2008

The End

Good thing I like being busy, because I have been BUSY. So far, no big culture shocks... I've been pleased to see that people really do smile a lot, and thrilled that prices are so low on this continent. (Worried about gas? Go to Europe and you'll feel fortunate to live in the States!) I've eaten about a dozen dill pickles, done a lot of shopping, and had a wonderful time. It feels so good to be home!

I might come back and post an epilogue, so to speak, but for now, this is The End. The story that was my year abroad has come to a cheerful close, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it!

I'm still a verbose person, so I'm going to be soon starting a new blog. There won't be travel photos, but I still have the occasional adventure! The URL is http://kelculator.blogspot.com, and Here is a link. I should have something posted quite soon.

So there we have it... The End.


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