17 June 2008


Well, over the year I collected enough points with my supermarket fidelity card to get a twenty euro gift card. I used it today to get the three liters of milk I'll drink between now (Tuesday evening) and Thursday morning, some more scratchy sponges to scrub the bottoms of all of my pots (because anything that's not immaculate gets deducted from my security deposit), and whatever else I wanted with the rest of the money. That turned out to be:
- watermelon
- nectarines
- Gala apples
- cherries
- fresh figs
- strawberries

I just got all of the really expensive fruits, basically, and my next few meals will be fantastic fruity feasts. Alliterative ones, at that.

I'm on the road for Chicago in 36 hours, and I can't wait. I had a good year, but it ended a while ago... now I'm just killing time.

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