26 July 2007

First Post

It seems that I should have a first post on my blog, to say what I plan to do, before I actually do it.
I plan to use this for a number of little purposes:
1) A travel diary, since I leave in 31 days to study abroad in France for a year, and I plan to see as many countries as possible along the way and learn a whole lot.
2) A place to vent, if need be, about culture shock or anything that happens.
3) A place to record little things I think worth sharing, like observations, experiences, recipes, good movies and books, and so on.
4) A place to share tidbits about France and French, since I love both, with other people who love them.
And whatever else seems right!

Enjoy, and comment frequently- send me opinions, typo corrections, comments, encouragement or sarcasm, and whatever else. Or ask me to translate random foreign languages that make their way in here.

Kel Miller

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