27 July 2007

Woohoo for my visa!

I got my visa! I had to wake up at 6:20, and the train was late so for a while I thought I would be late, and then after handing in my documents I had to wait for about 3 hours (during part of which I walked around downtown and got band-aids for my seven blisters), but I have it and now I can go live in France. If only I believed I was really going!

Still on my to-do list:
- Find out about getting French health insurance, which I know is required but I have no idea how to get
- Confirm my acceptance of the housing offer they gave me. I know nothing about it more than the address, and the landlord hasn't returned my e-mail
- Finish shopping for necessities
- Get together all the documents I need to travel with
- Remember French
- Pack
Hopefully, when all this is done I'll be emotionally ready to leave, since for now it doesn't seem real at all.

I've found some interesting articles for people who have already read the seventh Harry Potter book. This one has a lot of extra tidbits about what may be happening with the characters after the end of the series.

For lack of a better closing line,


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