19 August 2007

A week to go!

I'm honestly not nervous, and that's ok. I have started to pack, which is always fun. I'm a compulsive organizer, so figuring out how to fit all of my toiletries into two clear plastic boxes, while watching Superman Returns, is in my opinion almost the ideal way to spend an afternoon. Ice cream could have improved it slightly. I actually really enjoy packing. There are a couple really important things to do (like call United to change my return ticket to a date I actually want to come home on and go to the bank) but essentially I'm down to the relaxing things, like eating Campbell's chicken noodle soup one last time and sleeping in and seeing everybody one last time.

Another exciting development is that my parents will be coming to visit for Christmas and New Year's! I'll have to skip two days of school, but all in all we will be in Paris for 8 days and London for 5. I'm thrilled, Dad's contemplative, Mom's terrified, it'll work out great. Plane tickets, London hotel reservations, and preliminary plans for renting a vacation apartment in Paris are done.

So exactly one week from now, I'll probably be packing last minute things, or settling down to sleep in my own bed for one last time. Then morning will come and I'll go.

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