04 August 2007

22 Days

I leave in 22 days, and I still don't think I really believe that I'm going. So I'm doing to start counting down, in an attempt to shove some sense into myself.

4 more Sundays at church (with an amazing choir I've joined)
2 more weeks (8 days) at work
6 more babysitting jobs, minimum
1 more movie (The Simpsons) to go see, minimum
2 more ice cream coupons to use
1 more Sushi outing
40 more miles of biking left (minimum) before I'm walking around Paris instead
3 more Headlines segments on Leno
4 more loads of laundry
1 more haircut
1 eye doctor appointment
22 more movies to watch in French, to bolster my language (1 per day)
6 more pages of "Taylor the Latte Boy" to arrange (for a cappella)
6-7 more gallons of milk (I drink a lot of milk)
7 more trips to the library, approximately
2 more days at the pool (while babysitting)
2 more shopping days at Woodfield, though I don't need to buy anything
1 more card party, hopefully
20 more dinners with my parents (approximately)

That worked a little, my departure seems closer to 22 days away. A couple minutes ago, it felt like a lifetime.

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