01 September 2007

Double your Happiness in 8 easy steps!

1) Put on a pair of inexpensive socks.
2) Wear the socks for two full days of traveling, including much walking.
3) Allow two blisters to grow and pop in them.
4) Walk around for one more full day.
5) Wash the socks in the sink, them dry them on the unlikely-to-be-patented Sock Dryer: a metal colander placed upside down over an electric burner, on low heat.
6) Wear the socks for another full day, now that they're semi-clean.
7) Repeat steps five (5) and six (6) until the socks have been worn for 6.5 days.
8) Buy a pair of expensive, high quality socks (Mine were 3 pairs for 15 Euros at Gap, and surprisingly this was the cheapest I'd seen). Then as soon as possible, find a bench near a trash can. Put on the new socks, and throw away the old ones, which by now should be smelly, sweaty, discolored and misshapen.

I guarantee that if you follow this process, you will see the world through new eyes, there will be a new spring in your step, and a whole new optimistic look on life.

I still don't have my lost bag back, but I now have three pairs of socks. This afternoon I plan to relax and watch a movie, as I continue calling the baggage service at the airport until they pick up their phone.


Anonymous said...

Do you appreciate the irony of your Solzhenitsyn quotation?

Kel Miller said...

I was just thinking about that today. However, I'm sure even Solzhenitsyn would have wanted to have clothes with him when traveling!