20 September 2007

My schedule and some numb-on-ick devices

I think my schedule is finally done! Here it is:

2:30-3:30: translation from English to French
6:15-7:45: Dutch

11:15-12:15: translation from French to English
6:00-8:00: Vocal ensemble

9:00-11:00: introduction to cultural anthropology (not every week)
5:00-6:30: French

8:00-11:00: General Linguistics (not every week)
6:30-8:00: Dutch

8:00-11:00: Comparative Linguistics (not every week)
plus 7:00-10:00: rehearsal for the Maîtrise de la Cathédrale (cathedral choir)

So essentially, those weeks when I have every class I have 17.5 hours on campus, plus 3 hours of Maîtrise practice. Most weeks I have fewer hours. So this is the lightest course load I've ever had in my life, and yet I can't make it any heavier: all of the other languages I could take conflict, I'm in every linguistics course they have, all of the useful math classes are Thursday morning, and the sociology classes either conflict or are already a third over. It's weird.

Mnemonic Devices!
In French, translation to French is called "version" and translation to English (or whatever other language) is called "thème." We anglophone exchange students came up with a clever way to remember which is which. Thème is to English, Version is vers le français. We've had fun sharing our various mnemonic devices with each other. Unfortunately, the celsius poem I learned in Russia doesn't translate well into Fahrenheit. The general poem goes:
"Under ten is cold, ten to twenty is not. Twenty to thirty is pleasant, thirty and over is hot."
You can change around the numbers and adjectives a bit to fit what climate you're in. In Siberia, we liked,
"Under negative forty is cold, negative forty to negative twenty is really cold too. Negative twenty to zero is still freezing, zero and over is not." [Positive temperatures in general could be considered warm.]
Fahrenheit just doesn't give such nice round numbers, in either version of the poem.

Bedtime. Tomorrow I'm going to the castle :)

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