05 September 2007

Shortest Post

I don't have much to post, since a day in meetings and presentations at the university, plus a tour of the small campus, is little to report. I'll summarize all of orientation once it's over.
I learned an AMAZING French expression today:
"Je chante comme une casserole."
Literally, "I sing like a saucepan," this is how the French say that they don't sing well. I also liked:
"Je nage comme un fer à repasser."
Literally, "I swim like an iron," that's how you say you're not very fishlike.

p.s. I also met a girl from Hungary whose name is spelled exactly like its phonetic transcription: Judit=[judit], which I found amazing. (Yes, I admit to being a geek)

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Kathleen said...

I sing like a frog; I swim like a rock; I sleep like a log; I eat like a bird; I watch like a hawk; I really like a good book.
Kathleen Miller