17 May 2008

Concert and a Chuckle

Tonight was my last concert with La Maîtrise de la Cathédrale, the cathedral choir. We did a program of English sacred choral music, and it went quite well. Except for the word "the," the choir pronounces English quite well! We didn't have a very big audience thanks to some scheduling issues, but it was good anyway and they clapped for a long time. Woohoo!

And, since I remembered to take a picture, I have a picture of the page of sheet music that's been cracking me up for the past few months... click on it and see if you can find what I find so funny:

(Don't get it? It's the fact that "diminuendo" is split over two lines, and that the words under "inuendo" could be taken as one. I have a weird sense of humor.)

In other news, I leave in a month. And people keep asking me how I feel about that, which is a really hard question to answer.

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