20 May 2008

How did that happen??

I'm done. Finished my last exam (which wasn't too bad). No more courses, no more tests, no more lack of homework (well, no more official lack of homework... I still don't have any). No more riding the bus to the university. All of a sudden, the end of my exchange year seems particularly imminent.
In six days, I leave for Italy.
I spend two weeks in Italy.
Then I come back to Angers for ten days, during which I do some more Loire valley tourism.
Then I go home.
It snuck up on me.

So now I'm getting into end of year mode... I closed my bank accounts, I went to the laundromat for what should be the last time (I'll do laundry once in Italy, and wash anything else I need to by hand), I've stopped buying food except for milk, eggs, and fruit, I've put aside some clothes and books to donate, and begun the "big clean" of my apartment. In less than a month, I leave this home and go back to my other home, and that's hard to grasp.

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