05 May 2008

Short Update

Good things!
I got my Dutch exam back, and by what I can only describe as a miracle, I did outstandingly well on it. I knew I did well on the first page, but I guessed on over 50% of the second page... and got all but two words right. My score on the entire exam was nearly perfect. I'm still surprised about this... I was sick when I took the exam, I didn't know the material too well, I wasn't thinking clearly, and yet I did well? I always ask my guardian angel to keep an eye on me when I have exams, and I guess she did!

And even better, my friend Kristen just arrived today! She's staying with me in Angers for a bit more than a week, and we're doing as much regional tourism as we can while she's here. She's the best travel companion in the world, and I'm thrilled that she's here! So if we have time, we'll both be blogging travel stories and photos. And our choices for destinations are... varied. You'll soon see what I mean :)

And I bought a few books, books that were actually written in French (most of what I read was translated from other languages, since the French don't write much fun literature):
La langue maternelle (Mother Tongue) by Vassilis Alexakis. This was recommended to me by the doctor I saw two weeks ago for my residency card. It's a historical-type mystery adventure revolving around language. Perfect for me.
E=MC2, mon amour and its sequel, Pythagore, je t'adore by Patrick Cauvin. He's supposedly one of France's most loved authors, and these books are supposed to be cute and funny. They're some sort of "two kids from different backgrounds meet and fall in love one summer" books, but it's the titles that sold me. "E=MC2, my love" and "Pythagorus, I love you" (which rhymes in French) are books that I will surely enjoy!

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