18 December 2007

Birthday Number Two

For some reason I feel more "21" than I did yesterday, which was my calendar birthday. Today was my France birthday.
Again, relaxing and nothing particularly out of the ordinary. I did a lot of thinking, went on an unsuccessful mission looking for ear warmers, went to choir practice (I'm getting a cold so I've turned into a mezzo), and then went to dinner at a crêperie with Becky. I had an excellent galette with ground beef, cheese, onions, and an egg on top.
I am very very excited about winter break, which starts in a few days. It's a good thing that I have very few classes left, because my mind is far away from academics.
I'm sure there's a lot more to say, but my verbosity has obviously gone out for the evening.

Incidentally, the most striking thing about the Golden Compass yesterday was how much that one character looks like Mark Twain. Courtesy of the internet, here are some pictures for you to compare:


jonesstreetusa said...

It's a striking resemblance. Great photos. By the way, you tallked about cold ears, check out the website of 13 year old Matthew Shriner for a great solution. MittsForYourEars.com I love these.

Jakob said...


MRMurphy said...
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MRMurphy said...

hollywood can't be original. they take screenplays from books. and create characters from the images of authors. literature is a great place to be. you have total power.