17 December 2007

Christmas Party, in short

In short: everyone (eleven of us in all) came over to my place around 3. We ate, watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (poor Max!) and the Adams Family Christmas episode from the 60's, exchanged Secret Santa gifts (everyone was happy with what they got), talked a lot, drank hot cocoa and other hot drinks, and then ordered pizza, which was delicious. It was a great day. I got stuck with all the leftovers, so if I'm happy living on chips and cookies I don't need to buy groceries for a month. (I'm not, so there'll still be a steady stream of fruits, vegetables and meat coming into my refrigerator).

It was a costume party, though only a few of us dressed up. Mandy and I were two turtle doves (i.e., winged turtles):

Notice the nearly life-size Christmas tree on the wall. Wrapping paper just doesn't smell the same though...
Strange year, when I celebrate Christmas before my birthday... (check back tonight!)

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