07 December 2007

A Mini-Adventure and a Recipe

In between the university and home I see two domes, each from two different angles. They're pretty domes, and I've always wondered what they are. Today Becky and I had lunch at my place (recipe below!) and then walked to the domes to see what they were.
Here's the first:

Turns out that it is (I think) a Benedictine monastery. The gates were locked so we couldn't go explore, but the sign said there's a Gregorian chant mass Sundays at 9:30, so I'm planning to go.

Here's the second:

This one is a church, which was closed for the afternoon. It's in a really nice neighborhood: old-fashioned but modern.

In between the two there was a third dome, which was rather unattractive and green, more of the observatory style than the church style. It was very walled in though, and we couldn't get a decent view. Thus ends the mini-adventure.

Egg drop soup
Put a quart/liter of chicken broth on the stove. [If you use canned broth, try to get a brand that uses as few western-style vegetables (carrots, celery, etc.) as possible. If you can find a broth that only has chicken and water as the ingredients, that'll work best.] Add a liberal amount of powdered ginger (about a tablespoon) and a bit of cayenne, if you like that. If you have chives, put some in. Important: use soy sauce, not salt, to get an appropriate flavor.
Meanwhile, mix a few tablespoons of cornstarch with cold water.
When the broth comes to a boil, slowly add the cornstarch mixture. Give it a stir and stop adding when it's as thick as you like.
Let this simmer while you beat three eggs.
Stir the broth continually in one direction, and as you stir slowly pour in the beaten eggs. If you stir in multiple directions the egg will get broken up more and it won't be as pretty.
Let the egg cook for a minute or so, then serve and enjoy!

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