03 December 2007

A Good Recipe and some Random Comments

Open a can of artichoke bottoms (it would be way too much work to use fresh, but if you're in the mood for spending three hours instead of two minutes, go for it).
Arrange them on a microwave safe plate, concave up.
Put a slice of brie about 2cm x 2cm x 1cm in the center of each artichoke bottom. More if you want.
Microwave them for about 3 minutes, or until the cheese is good and melty and the artichokes are hot.

Random comments:
• When making hot chocolate, even if the metal handles of the pot don't look hot, it's quite possible that they might be. So if you pick up the pot in your bare hands, it's quite possible that you'll get a nice shiny blister on each of the four fingers that was in direct contact with the pot.

• It is possible to fry an egg inside a crêpe. However, it tastes gross so I do not recommend it.

• Snooze buttons are for occasional use. They are not meant to be used to sleep an extra forty-five minutes, punctuated every five minutes by beeping.

• It's December!! Can you believe it?? I most certainly cannot.


MRMurphy said...

Indeed it is December. Happy December Kel!

PS Have you ever heard of the Cinnamon Bear?

Kel Miller said...

No, I haven't-- what's the Cinnamon Bear?

Jakob said...

I feel your pain re: touching hot metal surfaces.


I burnt myself on Friday in the lab by touching a piece of steel that didn't "look" hot... yet, I knew that we had just been blowtorching it a few minutes before. Bright, no?;)

Kel Miller said...

Haha :)