02 December 2007

Psychoanalyse me, if you want:

I remember the dream I had last night fairly well, and what's interesting is that I also remember that I'd had the dream before. I only remember one section of the dream vividly, and through it I remember a short section of the previous dream vividly.
I'm walking around downtown Angers. I'm on a shopping trip with Kristen this time (note: Kristen's currently in America) though last time I was shopping with Becky (who actually does live in Angers for the moment). We wind up walking past Place Ralliment, which is where the bus stops are, among other things. On the next corner, where in reality there's a men's clothing store, we see a preppy type clothing store that is a bit reminiscent of J. Crew. However, we both know for sure that although there's that name in the window, it's really a Gap inside. (There's no Gap in Angers) I want to go in, because I always want to go look at Gap. However, when we get in we discover that, although we know it should be a Gap inside, it's really a Carrefour, which is the enormous Super Wal-Mart type store. That's odd. However, perhaps they do still have what I wanted to buy at Gap: a yoga mat. (This is actually on my shopping list, since stretching while wearing socks on a hardwood floor is very slippery. But Gap doesn't sell those.) In the first dream, Becky and I were just exploring this clothing store that was supposed to be hiding a Gap but was really hiding a mega-mart, and in the second I knew that you had to walk through the shampoo isles and around the cheese section and past the huge displays of boys' clothing to get to the exercise stuff. And voilà, there it was. But in yesterday's dream we got slightly distracted by the beach and the grassy hill. We played in the sand for a while, then rolled down the hill to help get the sand off our clothes. Then I looked for a yoga mat, and didn't find one. I did, however, find my weights: "my" as in "the ones I have in my room at home." I didn't think it would be fair for me to have to pay for my own weights, so we left without buying anything. Then I woke up.
So we can conclude that: yes, I really am looking for a yoga mat. I miss Gap. I see Gap as being the store where you can get anything you need (and for me, this tends to be true). I want to go to a beach. I miss my weights.
Feel free to read into this as much as you like!

In other news, my parents have safely arrived in Montana. (If you're wondering what that sound was, it was my huge sigh of relief.) I was really worried about them driving fast on snowy mountain roads in a semi-distracted state of mind, given my Grandma's health, but they made it. If you're the praying type, pray for my Grandma, that she won't be in pain and that she'll be able to feel the love we all have for her. It's really hard for me that I'm so far away, because there's really no one I can talk to that understands the whole spectrum of emotion I'm feeling, since no one knows my Grandma. I love France, but I wish I was 5000 miles away (I calculated the distance online) in Missoula right now.

Final piece of news is incredibly joyful for me, though depressing for my wallet. It's clementine season!! My Euros will now start to disappear more quickly, but boy will I have enough vitamin C :)

Happy December!


Jakob said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your grandma:( My thoughts are with you and your family.

MRMurphy said...

Gap is pretty great. I'm wearing their jeans right now...although they seem to be a little short..which either means I've grown more or they shrunk...or I bought them as the wrong size. If you would like me to bring you something from the GAP, let me know since I'll be on my way in January. :)

Kel Miller said...

Thanks, but I'm going to make my parents do that at Christmas :)

Kristen said...

i like rolling on hills. i wish i'd had that dream. :)

miss you. i think i'm just going to say that at the end of every post now. just in case you forget. so get used to it.