09 January 2008

[Geek Alert] A Song I Wrote:

I admit to being thoroughly uncool in this matter. But I um... spent the last 45 minutes composing lyrics and writing a song. I could say that it's heartfelt, and metaphorical, and is a piece of my soul, but that wouldn't be true because it's a setting of the nine types of linguistic borrowings in French, with examples.
If writing it and putting it into Finale didn't teach them to me well enough then I'll just learn the song and hum it to myself during the exam tomorrow.
Here it is, in three pictures that you can click on to see them big enough to read the music. Don't be thrown off by the key changes; it's a familiar "melody" and just goes up a half step every four measures. It's written in a mezzo-soprano range.
And now the disclaimer: I wrote it, but you can have it. Do anything you want with it. Perform it. But if you do so (which nobody will), tell me so that I can know what a geek you are too!

My comparative linguistics exam is tomorrow morning (I have to get up at 5:30... grumble) and I feel relatively prepared for it. I just hope I understand the question fully, because if I don't I'm in big trouble. It should be fine though. And I finished my general linguistics dossier, and am quite proud of it. I whipped together a huge amount of smart-sounding French in a relatively short period of time. Go me. And today it was more than 50° out, and sunny, and a sweater with no jacket was warm enough. So all in all, life is peachy.
I just hope that tomorrow around noon my opinion won't have changed...

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ffohgnidems said...

Amazing. I absolutely must find a reason to perform this.