12 January 2008

Hair Photo, Movie Report, and Recipe

Here's a photo of my hair. My three style choices are:
1) headband
2) barrettes
3) neither
This is the first. It's not so bad... I'll get used to it. It just doesn't seem very "me." And if I wear anything remotely boyish (like jeans and a t-shirt) it makes me feel too tomboyish, which means that my hair is making me feel the need to dress more femininely. Not too easy in the winter.

Tonight I went to see "Into the Wild" with Tobi. It was a powerful movie: happy in a way, enlightening in a way, inspiring in a way, and depressing in a way. Type of movie that makes you think.

I attempted to make a puree soup today, since my freezer has absolutely no room in it and therefore I wanted to use about a kilogram of frozen zucchini. Basically I boiled it in broth and spices and then forced the resulting squishy zucchini through my sieve until it was a lovely puree. It would be significantly easier if I had an immersible blender, but I don't. If I did, I would probably make this type of soup more often. It tasted good, but it wasn't quite worth the effort. It's weird that French soups are almost always purees, though. I wonder when they stopped eating soup with chunks of stuff in it...

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