26 January 2008

Since Thursday...

Thursday was somewhat eventful. There was a language department meeting, during which I learned, well, nothing. But I got to see people I hadn't seen since before break, which was nice, and see two other Trumanites who're studying in Angers this semester. Kelsey lived across the hall from me last year, but I'd never met Samantha.

Turns out that I was far from being the only one who missed Dutch on Monday, and a handful missed it Thursday evening too. Our class has five (sometimes six) students: on Monday two were there, and three came on Thursday. After class I went to see "No Country for Old Men," which was very weird. I honestly don't agree with it being nominated for best picture... it lacked all of my "good movie" characteristics. A basic-level movie will have a decent script, decent acting, decent sets, decent filming, decent music, and so on. A good movie will have a gripping script, excellent acting, convincing sets, impressive filming, and captivating music. Or whatever adjectives you like. This movie, therefore, fits very well into the category of "movies I don't regret seeing but don't want to see again." The plot was okay, but depressing. The sets and costumes were good. There was no music; literally no soundtrack. The acting was fine, but not amazing. Visually the film was normal. Honestly, the part I liked best was the French subtitles, and you don't even get to see those in the States. Was this such a bad year for movies? So far I've seen two of the best picture nominees (the other is Atonement) and neither was a Spectacular Film with capital letters.

Friday I had my first new class, another general linguistics course, but two years lower than the one I had first semester. It wasn't bad: the professor's good, I of course love the subject, but I honestly don't think I'll learn much of anything new. If I find another course I'd like to take (especially if it's not on a Friday morning) I'm very willing to drop this one. Friday evening was choir practice, which was fun as usual.

Today (Saturday) I've found a myriad of things to do, probably because I really should go do laundry. I have so many ways to occupy myself when I'm putting off laundry. Better not do laundry, because I really should read the news. Better not do laundry, because I haven't done the dishes from breakfast yet. Better not do laundry, because I need to read a novel. Better not do laundry because I'd need to go get change, and I do so at the bakery by buying something, but I'm not hungry. Putting it off until tomorrow won't hurt though... it should be in the upper 50°s so it won't matter that I'm out of socks, and I can wear a sweater so it won't matter that I'm out of t-shirts...

In other news (like this is newsworthy!) my electronic chia pet, Pasha IV, has been alive for almost two weeks, and my real live flower has been alive in my care for over a week. It was a bit unhappy on Tuesday, so I overwatered it and now it's a bit perky. Since it seems like the thing will survive, it'll need a name. Any suggestions?
I also calculated that I've been in France for 152 days, and I leave in 145. So I'm past the half-way point. Wow. Le temps vole lorsqu'on s'amuse!

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